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>Joy’s First Steps

December 22, 2010

>Today, Joy is 3 years, 8 months old. It was a morning only God could arrange. Joy’s PCA, who usually takes her to her Wednesday AM physical therapy appointment, called in sick so I got to be there when a year’s worth of work finally came together. Isn’t it a lovely Christmas present?!

About the yellow contraption. It is a Pony Gait Trainer. Joy has quadriplegic cerebral palsy with mixed tone. Her torso is not strong enough to hold up the weight of her body as she walks. This has the same effect as a typical person trying to walk while carrying sand bags. The gait trainer, which she leans on, bears some of the weight of her upper body, taking enough of the load off her legs to allow her to take steps.

I shot this video at our clinic. Now that Joy can propel her gait trainer herself, we will bring it home and do walking practice a few times a day every day. Eventually, Joy will get strong enough to walk around the main level of our house in her gait trainer. Then we’ll advance to a walker, and eventually to forearm crutches. It is so much fun to see her upright and moving!

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  1. December 22, 2010 5:57 pm

    >How wonderful!!!

  2. December 22, 2010 8:22 pm

    >Wonderful! Praise God!

  3. December 22, 2010 10:53 pm

    >What a beautiful site to see…..we are so thrilled!!!! Another new beginning….and the 1st of many more miracles. Hugs to Joy….and Love to you, Nancy & Dad

  4. December 22, 2010 11:11 pm

    >Oh Carrie, God does wonderful things for us sometimes. I was also, on a fluke, able to see Seth's first true step. Congrats to Joy on her hard work!!! I know this day will be etched in your memory forever!

  5. December 26, 2010 2:38 am

    >How wonderful…how much sweeter the firsts are when they come with such effort. Rejoicing with you! So nice to see you on Christmas eve..never even made it to the bathroom with Maisy..she took off running back into the service through an open door and tried to get up the main aisle..and to think no one thought she would walk!

  6. December 26, 2010 6:17 pm

    >Praising God with you as you get to see these major milestones met and conquered. So amazing to walk. Enjoy the freedom that you will now have as she begins to move more and more on her own! Corrie

  7. December 27, 2010 1:38 am

    >Yeah! So excited for Joy and that God had you there, too. What a special day – I'm sure you are so proud of her! (idgienater)

  8. December 27, 2010 9:35 pm

    >OMgosh… that was wonderful. What a huge blessing that you got to see her first steps. Beautiful!

  9. December 27, 2010 10:52 pm

    >What a beautiful post!!! God made sure you were there to witness your sweet girl taking those precious first steps. Those are only the beginning!!!

  10. December 28, 2010 7:54 pm

    >Awww what a beautiful Christmas gift. Way to go Joy!!!

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