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>Update 2, Day 1 3:00 PM

March 8, 2011


Joy’s room, awaiting Joy.

Joy was in surgery until 12:30 PM. Her lead surgeon came out and briefed us while they kept her under anesthetic for another hour putting on a lovely purple fiber glass body cast. She woke up about 1:30, a little disoriented, but mellow and feeling no pain due to the epidural they will leave in until Friday. On the way up to her room, she was so happy to see so many moving lights that she began counting them out loud. Even the strangers in the elevator understood she was counting :).

Her surgeon is very pleased with the results. Typical femurs have 20 degrees of torsion, or twist. Joy had 60 degrees of torsion before the correction, which the surgeon made by slicing the head off each femur, removing a wedge of bone, then rotating it to the anatomically correct position. Then she used stainless steel plates and screws to put Joy’s femurs back together. Over the next year, Joy’s bones will grow back together. Then they’ll do a one-night’s-stay surgery to remove the plates.

Even the infant plates (which I’ll show you on x-ray when I have a moment take photos)  are big on her slight bones. The interesting bi-product is that due to the hardware, Joy now has hips so maybe in a few months, she won’t crawl out of her pants so easily :). The surgeon lengthened her left adductor so it is now the same length as her right; she left the right adductor untouched.

Joy is still small enough that they were able to apply a fiberglass cast instead of a plaster one, which saves a few pounds of weight. It is a beautiful crayon purple. (Sorry girls: I declined the neon and glow-in-the-dark options!)

The cast will come off around the second week of April –earlier than projected. Unfortunately, removing it requires power tools. (Joy does not even like the hair dryer!) Grandma: I think I’m signing you up to come along and sing many rounds of  “This Old Man,” (Grandma’s hair dryer song).

Faith, Mercy, Hope and Daisy had a sleepover at Nana’s and Auntie’s house last night. Then this morning Nana and Auntie took them north on the Mississippi River to see the migrating trumpeter swans. Papa and I can’t wait to see the pictures and hear all about their adventures! We miss you and love you girls! The house was so quiet last night, the stillness kept waking me up :).

God has been very good to us! Thank you so much for praying!

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