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>Day 2, 9:30 AM

March 9, 2011

>When Joy’s surgeon finished her morning case, she stopped in and changed Joy’s orders for meds. An anesthesiologist also came by and was really good at answering questions.

The epidural is good at covering surgical pain, but not the muscle spasms that kept waking her up last night. His explanation of the spasms also made sense. Recall that yesterday Joy’s surgeon changed the degree of twist in Joy’s femurs from 60 degrees to 20 degrees? Joy’s muscles remember the old configuration and are trying to go back. Know how when a muscle twitches it makes something move? Her body cast is preventing any movement so the spasms are also fighting the cast.

Good news is that the Valium, which is very good at treating the spasms, takes time to build to an effective dose. It should be hitting the effectual threshold by this afternoon.

Last night, during one of the times she was awake, a few minutes after a fresh dose of Valium, when the pain had subsided some, Joy looked me straight in the eye and asked, “Go home?”

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