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>It’s All In There

March 17, 2011

>Today during Joy’s nap I went used toy shopping, looking for a toy Joy loved when she was a baby. When she outgrew it, I gave it away. But one of her therapists brought one out of their toy cupboard a couple months ago and I learned that Joy loves it, still. I’ve been looking for another ever since.

I didn’t find it today, either. But I did find another beloved toy, also outgrown and given away more than a year ago. So I brought it home.

When Joy awoke from her nap, I placed her in her chair and said, “Joy. Look what I found today.” I held out the toy.

Her face lit up.”Gears!” she said.

She was right. We’ve always called it “gears.” But fourteen months ago when Joy last saw this toy, the word “gears” was not in her vocabulary.

But it has been inside her head all along. Sometime during the past fourteen months, Joy developed the synaptical connections to be able to retrieve and to speak the word.

Surely, we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

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