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>This Is the Way We Wash Our Hair

March 17, 2011


I want to make a few posts with information I wish I had been able to find in the months leading up to the surgery that put Joy in a hip spica cast. My friend who works at Gillette and wonderfully, stopped in to see us every day, teased me that the posts about the surgical procedure were so much more technical than the material Gillette produces for  parents. True! I read everything they gave me and wished there was more. I wasn’t worried about any of the things I’ll write about in my “This is the Way” posts; I knew we’d figure it out. I was just looking for ideas.


Joy loves taking baths. I’m smiling imagining the look on her face when the cast comes off and we ask, “Do you want to take a bath?!” For the next four weeks, we have to settle for washing up.

In the hospital, they used a shampoo cap to wash Joy’s hair. I had never heard of them. It’s like a shower cap with no-rinse shampoo and conditioner inside. You heat it up, put it over the head, rub the contents around, then towel dry and comb the hair. On Joy’s fine, silky hair, it worked beautifully. But I am too cheap to spend $5 on a shampoo cap every time we wash hair. So we improvised to wash hair the old fashioned way.

This is a double vanity converted into a hair washing station.

Two towels fill up the second sink and another covers an old pillow. The rolled towel supports her casted legs. I think one person could manage with a child Joy’s size or smaller. But it is easier with two since one hand is required to hold her head the whole time.

As you can tell, Joy loves having her hair washed and splashing in water, even if she has to reach up over her head to reach the water. Thanks to the effect of the Baclofen, she now has the range to reach like this voluntarily, even with her left arm.

Joy enjoys this so much that we’ve been washing hair every day :).

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