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>Two are Four

March 22, 2011


Four years ago
and half a world away
two tiny baby girls were born.
They had twenty seven weeks
to know each other
before their birth

almost forever.

Five months ago
and half a world away
they found each other again.

they turn four
counting the American way.
two families
on two continents
half a world away
are blessed
to call them daughters.

A wise man
put wise words
into the mouth of the wisest Man
who ever lived:
“Ask not, ‘Why?’….
God’s way are high
And you shall know in time.”*

Happy Birthday Amy and Joy!  We love you and pray that you will come to know God, who gave you life, who gave you to us, and who gave his son Jesus so that you may come to know, love and enjoy him forever!

*John Piper, “The Inkeeper”

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  1. March 22, 2011 9:13 am

    >What a lovely post about two beautiful sisters! Happy Birthday!

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