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>This is the Way We Ride in the Car

March 24, 2011

>First, I have to admit my surprise that we’re getting out of the house with Joy. My inexperience with a body cast and with extensive orthodpedic surgery made me imagine we’d basically be house-bound for a month because she wouldn’t be feeling well enough to go out.

That simply hasn’t proven true for us. Gillette loaned us this E-Z-On M203 vest to use to transport Joy while she is wearing a spica cast. Some kids who have a different hip proceedure are casted semi-seated and they can ride seated in a regular car seat it it is large enough. Joy needs to ride lying down.

Now that I look at this photo I  can see there are two things I forgot this morning: the small strap that buckles around the leg closest the the seat back, and through which the second seat belt is supposed to be fastened; and the towel roll under her knees  that helps support the weigh of the cast. Joy obviously survived :). In fact she really likes riding this way because she feels more bumps lying down –perhaps like the back of the school bus phenomena?

The intructions they gave us have proven right. It is much easier to get the vest on and off when we’re taking her coat on and off than it is to put it on and off in the van.

Notice the nifty footware in the middle picture? Those are cast socks lovingly knit by a Gillette volunteer. Last week we didn’t even need a coat to go out for OT and Joy went barefoot. But yesterday, winter returned!

By the way, if your kids are the sort who might benefit from a similar seat-belt-vest device while seated in a moving vehicle, check out the passenger vehicle options on the E-Z-On site.

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