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>This is the Way We Play

March 25, 2011


Joy is getting so much stronger that two and a half weeks after surgery, every hour or two she gets out of her chair to read books and play.

I’m not sure it is clear in the photo, but Joy is standing independently here, flat on the bottoms of her casted feet. She has learned to use the cast to stabilize her core. See how still and upright her head and neck are? Her head is more typically in motion, swaying to counterbalance shifts in weight as her trunk and legs fight to remain upright. It is amazing to see her be able to stand still like child with typical muscle tone, even if it is only for a few more weeks.

Yesterday at FAC, Leah, Joy’s OT, helped us figure out how to support her playing in prone. The result is this:

Joy is draped over her underinflated peanut ball. The cast is a nice counterbalance, keeping her from tipping too far forward. Here she is bearing weight through her left arm and reaching with her right. But she was a little too far above the floor. So I added a bench.

See how far up she can lift up her head, bearing weight through her forearms on the ball and the bench?

And look how she chose to bear weight through her right arm and is reaching with the left! She is now accustomed to the effect of the Baclofen and doesn’t hesitate to use her left arm when it is more convenient.

This last photo is a gratuitous cute sister photo by Faith :).

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