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>Have You Seen the Baby Eagles?

April 4, 2011


Mommy and Baby Eagle on their nest

We’ve had lots of Eagle-play here today because for the past few weeks, the girls have been watching the live  webcam stream the Decorah Eagles’ nest.  Two of the babies have hatched in the past two days and there’s one more egg estimated to hatch today. The mommy and daddy eagles feed the babies every hour so the webcam action has picked up interest in the past day or so.

Mommy and Daddy Eagle bring back food for their babies

There’s a 15 second commercial on the beginning of the broadcast when you sign on. After that, it is straight real-time footage from a camera concealed a few feet from the eagles’ nest.

If you scroll down below the video frame, you can see a synopsis film of a hatch if you missed it.

Edited to add: the eggs take about 24 hours to hatch, so the first glimpse of the first baby eagle is about about 9 minutes into the the hatch film. The live views of the babies today are actually much better.


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