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>Gifts of Joy

April 28, 2011


Despite the tenor of this past week’s blog posts, life is not all serious at our house. Just take, for example, a few of the wonderful moments Joy brought us this week.


Tuesday, at the end of breakfast, Joy made a request: “Beans. Please beans.”

Her PCA and I looked at each other. “Did she just ask for the beans?” I asked.

Joy didn’t wait for an answer, but repeated, “Beans,”  clarifying, “Downstairs.”

Joy wanted to play in the beans I put away downstairs before her surgery at the beginning of March.

Joy got to play in her beans.


This morning, at Joy’s first visit to our new (wonderful) pediatric dentist, the hygenist asked me, “How old is Joy?”

Instead of answering her, I asked, “Joy, how old are you?”

“I’m … four.” Joy said in her tiny little voice. Feelling a little shy, she covertly showed four fingers in her lap, not quite willing to go all the way with a stranger.


This afternoon, playing on the floor a few feet from me, Joy began to fuss. I said, “I cannot understand fussing. You’ll have to tell me with words.”

I was expecting to hear, “Books!” or “Snack!”

Instead, Joy made me laugh out loud when she answered, “Batteries!” pushing her dead toy toward me.

So I changed changed the batteries.

But I didn’t turn the game on because I wanted her to put it back together first. Joy wouldn’t. So I picked a piece up, put it into her hand and gave the instructions again.

Joy looked me straight in the eye, handed the piece back, and said, “Help, please.”

A very polite version of, “Do it yourself, Mom.”


“Happy?” Joy begs. “Happy?” This is a request to the nearest grown-up to sing, “If you’re Happy And You Know It” so Joy can do the motions:

“…clap your hands”
[the end of] “…give a kiss”
“…pat your head”
Last  week Thursday, Hope and I arrived home from a dentist appointment to find  our mail carrier standing on the front porch holding a very large box posted in Pusan, South Korea, 48 hours before.
The older girls guessed, “It’s from Amy! It’s from Amy!”
The beautiful box at the top of this post was inside. Inside the beautiful box, we found:
a Happy Birthday puzzle with exactly four candles on the cake
a photo album of Amy since we saw her last October, including her birthday, ballet lessons,
and, if I’m not mistaken, her wedding to a very cute boy in her preschool class

an autographed Hangul edition of Steve Morrison’s biography
(Morrison  founded MPAK: Mission Promote Adoption in Korea)

and this little book, autographed in purple marker by Amy, puzzled me until I opened it and found this:
“We’re famous! We’re famous!” the girls shouted. “In Korea, we’re in a book!”
Here are bigger images of the main photos:
This portrait of Amy’s family won first place in a photo contest for adoptive families in Pusan. The contest was sponsored by MPAK to promote open domestic adoption in Korea and the award was presented at a picnic for adoptive families we were honored to attend with Amy’s family. I assume the accompanying text tells the story of how they found and adopted Amy, Joy’s twin sister.
The photo on the right page of the little book is a version of this one: Amy’s family and ours taken at our agency in Seoul last October, the day we first met. While I had met Amy when she was 13 months old, Amy and Joy had not seen each other since they were separated on day they were born.
This lovely necklace inside the beautiful box from Korea brought tears to my eyes.
Joy and Amy, joined inseparably by a single heart.
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