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>The 4th International Conference on FASD: web highlights

May 1, 2011

>I was happy to discover that much of the content of The 4th Annual International Conference on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, held March 2-5, 2011 in Vancouver, BC is available on line. That link will take you to the conference schedule with links to PowerPoint presentations.

This link provides many of the sessions in video format. Note that the video is arranged in folders listed on the upper left. Click each folder to see the videos it contains.

To whet your appetite, here are a couple of sessions that caught my attention.

Relevant to our discussion of what FASD looks like in the toddler years before a formal diagnosis is rendered, The Neurodevelopmental Profile of Preschool Children with a Subsequent Diagnosis of ARND  (PDF) verifies our experience in clinical terms.

Recent developments in Executive Functioning Training in Children with FASD (PDF), include a computer based game suite called Cognitive Carnival, still in testing. I’ll be watching for updates on that!

There is also a fascinating cluster of papers on how epigenetics may help explain the variability of outcomes in children exposed to alcohol prenatally.

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