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>Summer Begins

June 8, 2011

>The calendar says summer starts June 20 this year. But for seven years now, summer has started on June 3 for our family. On June 3, 2004, we brought Mercy home from Korea. Exactly one year later to the day, we returned home with Hope.

When I asked the girls where they wanted to go for their Family Day dinner this year, they immediately said, “Go Gung!”

October, 2010

The problem is, dinner for six at Go Gung (in Insadong, Seoul) costs about $10,000 including airfare and hotel.

So last Friday night we settled on Hoban in Eagan and discovered it is well worth the drive. It’s the best Korean food we’ve had in the Twin Cities.

This week, our first week of the summer with full-time PCAs for Joy, has been a treat for me. We hire Joy’s PCA to be a nanny for Faith, Mercy, and Hope during Joy’s nap. With the mercury topping out at 103 F yesterday, the girls have spent two naps in a row at the beach at Lake Elmo and I’ve had a luxurious, uninterrupted two hours each afternoon for writing (which I need with only two months to go pull together the paper on Indian Hating).

Today, though, it felt like summer really started with our first truly free day. We skipped iLs, headed up to my sister’s house, and spent the day playing with the cousins. We started with a field trip to the Coon Rapids Dam on the Mississippi River.

And of course, back at the house, the girls did their all-time favorite “cousins” activity: play fight with the boys’ unparalleled collection of toy weapons….

while Faith and the little girls (Daisy and her canine cousin Gracie) looked on.
“Summer” will take some getting used to, as my Grandmother used to say. This is the first summer, when as a first-time home schooler, I understand why teachers need a summer break. Yet, for Hope’s sake, I can already see we could use more structure (to head off last night’s night terror and this afternoon drive home’s melt-down) than I had planned. At least this summer, for the first time, I understand what we’re dealing with. And we still have at least two more months of summer ahead of us to figure it out.
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