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>On Churches Supporting Families Who Adopt Challenging Children

June 14, 2011

>This morning, Kari at Coffee Catharsis posted some really significant musings on the role of the Church in supporting adoption. If you don’t regularly read her blog, please click over and consider what God is laying on her heart. Here’s a snip:

“What does supporting a family for these children involve? Simply recruiting them? Telling them what saints they are for doing this?

And after the impact of the trauma hits….tolerating them? Giving them parenting advice?

I hear from adoptive families all the time who feel isolated within their churches. I wish I knew what to tell them. It gets tiring to keep trying to help people understand and when those who share your faith simply do not, the painful encounters eventually lead to isolation. Separation from what was once the family’s source of strength…”

I don’t have answers to the questions she is raising. But I wholeheartedly agree that this is a role the Church should be more heavily invested in and I’d love to be part of strategizing change. If we believe that God is the only source of true hope, why are the majority of the support services for for families adopting and/or raising challenging children based outside the church?

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