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>Ann Voskamp on "What To Sing in Storms"

June 21, 2011

>I’m one of the last people I know who hasn’t read or isn’t reading Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where Your Are.

My reason: she writes like one of my all-time favorite authors, Annie Dillard, and both Ann’s and Annie’s writing is too beautiful to be consumed in snatches.

Except when it comes packaged that way.

The July 2, 2011 issue of World magazine contains an essay by Voskamp called “What to Sing in Storms” that will speak to the heart of most of the moms I know who are raising children with disabilities. (The essay is at the bottom of the article.) It only requires ten minutes of time and while I can’t imagine curling up with my computer on the couch like I did with the print version (the digital edition is ugly monotone), her words will be soft rain on the parched ground of your heart.

She knows storms. And she knows how to sing.

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