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>"South Korean Pastor Tends Unwanted Flock"

June 22, 2011

>This article by John M. Glionna appeared in The Los Angeles Times last Sunday, June 19, 2011. Here’s a teaser about the pastor in the article’s title:

“…[His son’s] birth caused a religious man to question his faith.

“I asked God, ‘Why would you give me a handicapped child?’ I wasn’t grateful for this baby,” Lee recalled.
He soon came to regret those words. Looking down at his son, helpless and beyond hope, he says he witnessed the preciousness of life. He and his wife decided to work desperately to keep the boy alive…”

In the 25 years since their son was born, Pastor Lee Jon-rak and his wife has taken in thirty two children abandoned on their doorstep, almost all of them significantly disabled. Unfortunately, the article rings very true to what I was told about the plight of children born with visible disabilities in Korea when I visited a Catholic orphange for disabled children in Pusan.

Read the article. And pray for the disabled children of South Korea. This story, a follow up on my visit to Pusan, and Joy’s and Amy’s stories are still infrequent. And with  the direction International adoption from Korea is headed, they may soon be impossible, except possibly for families of Korean heritage living abroad.

Thanks to Liz for passing on the link to this article!

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