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“When Adoption Isn’t Fun”

July 18, 2011

God knew what he was doing when he made Dorothy walk into my office 16-17 years ago, before either one of us had children. Who would have guessed that we would become, by God’s grace, thick-and-thin friends and that the real thick of it would not hit until we started becoming mothers by adoption?

She knows that some of you are really hurting right now and she went into her archives and found this poem for you from 2010:

When Adoption Isn’t Fun

Many adoptive moms carry a terrible
secret around in their hearts.

It’s the overwhelming weight that
they can’t even whisper to their husbands late at night.

It’s the guilty relief they feel whenever their kids leave for school and the
excruciating despair they face when three o’clock rolls around again…

At it’s barest essence it boils down to
the the heart breaking reality that they don’t love or even like

their newly (or not so newly) adopted kids.

And they are grieving…

Deeply and painfully understanding for
the first time

The ease of life ‘before’
The corruption
of their dreams,

The loss of self,
That can come when
it isn’t easy….

You can finish reading it on UrbanServant, here.

And know that we are praying for you.

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