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Joy’s Come-back

August 1, 2011

Joy standing in a walker in therapy.

an update for friends and family in Korea

Five months after surgery, Joy is recovering nicely. Her surgeon is pleased that she has regained her lost skills. Today we are praising God that she took her first independent steps since surgery!

At 4.5 years, Joy weighs 26 lbs. 3 oz. (11.91 kg) and is 37.5 inches (95.25 cm) tall.

With preschool beginning in five weeks, we have chosen not challenge her post-surgery traumatic stress by resuming speech or occupational therapy. Joy has had several therapy appointments every week for three years and we’ve decided to let her have a break until school starts. In September, Joy will continue her private physical therapy appointments on Mondays (her day off school) while she starts physical, occupational and speech therapy at school.

If you ask her an open-ended question like, “What do you want to do, Joy?” most of the time she will answer, “Read stories!” Her favorite stories are about monkeys and ducks and she especially loves stories that rhyme. She has about 40 stories memorized. She also keeps adding songs to her repertoire faster than I can keep up thanks to the work of her nannies. She can sing them well enough that I can even recognize songs I didn’t teach her, like “Hokey Pokey.”

She has not lost her love for water. The Accessibility Design team suggested we could do without a bathtub and install  a roll-in shower instead. But Joy enjoys her daily bath so much that we cannot imagine not having a bathtub! She loves to “Wash up!”–play in the water at the sink –every chance she gets.

Her new thing is pretend play and her favorite thing to pretend is “Telephone.” Joy puts her hand up to her ear as if holding a cell phone and says, “Hello! Hello! I talking on my cell phone!” She pretends to dial phone numbers and if she makes a mistake, says, “Oops! Try again!” When she’s done ‘talking’ she says, “Goodbye! Goodbye!”

We have Grandma and K. to thank for teaching Joy how to “talk” on a cell phone. Since I rarely use mine, Joy would have waited a long time to learn to play telephone from me :).

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