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The Llama Drama

August 26, 2011

Does your subconscious play theme songs? I cannot remember how old I was –somewhere in my teens –when I realized that if I tuned in to the background music inside my head, the lyrics usually offered some insight into the thoughts simmering on my back burner.

Often, I hear hymns and worship music and find that the Holy Spirit has blessed me with a musical meditation on the attribute of God I need to focus on in that moment (“Mighty to Save”), or a broad hint about what God wants me to do in a perplexing situation (“Brother Let Me Be Your Servant”).

I am confessing: the past two weeks I have been hearing not a song, but Joy’s current favorite book: Llama Llama Red Pajama written and illustrated by Anna Dewdney.

Exactly two weeks ago today I stepped outside my home with a Realtor for the first time in my life. Exactly two weeks ago, the very first house we saw seemed exactly what we were looking for: a floor plan that will accommodate an elevator for Joy. Looking at a dozen other houses seemed to confirm our first impression. And I wasn’t terribly surprised. While I didn’t expect God to take my prayer quite so literally, we’ve been on a trajectory toward  moving for two years and I have been praying simply that God would make the right house available at the right price when we began looking.

Little did I know! Two weeks and two inspections later we’re still lobbing offers and counter offers back and forth in the Great Game of Real Estate. This is where Llama, Llama comes in:

Baby Llama,

what a tizzy!

Sometimes Mama’s

very busy!

Please stop all this

llama drama

and be patient

for your mama.

You see, despite my prayers, I really had no idea we might be catapulted directly from looking to buying and selling and moving. Nor, having prayed for and been blessed with a wonderful, ethical agent who also has two decades of experience in accessible housing, did I realize the wrinkles of having no choice about the agents listing the houses we’d be interested in.

The good news is this: God has sustained us. And I have now learned from personal experience that finding a house is very much like accepting an adoption referral. While both processes come cloaked in a veneer of human choice-making, in the end (as it has been from the beginning) it is God who builds families and places them in homes. Despite everything the house has going for it, if we end up living there it will be because God arranged it; humanly we’re done being toyed with and are ready to move on.

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