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The Nurtured Heart Approach at Work

August 29, 2011

I’m in a massive nesting mood. It has been three years since our last adoption, so three years since I was last possessed by a mania to organize :). Tomorrow we’ll know if we will be moving to the house we’ve been pursuing, or if we’ll be moving on to Plan C: building. Either way, sometime in the next few months I will be very glad to have put everything in a labeled place where it can be found again.

The books were a problem. When we finished our basement, we built in the book shelves we sorely needed. So for two years, I’ve luxuriated in having easy access to the books we use most often. But my prior bin storage system is fresh enough to make me know I’ll appreciate having the bins’ contents organized more logically this time.

And so my Nurtured Heart books came to hand again. It made me sigh to think that God can do so much with nothing: a philosophy so human-centric that reading it would nauseate many of my friends.  Yet God redeemed it to be our first major break-through with Hope three and a half years ago. And I still use the principles every day.

Kari wrote a great post about Nurtured Heart today. If you’ve been considering learning the techniques, it is well a few minutes’ read to see how NHA works in real life. Thanks, Kari!

My orignal posts on NHA and the way we’ve adapted it to our God-centered world view are here: Part I, Part II, and Part III. My Prologue to the series is here.

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