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On FASD Awareness Day…

September 10, 2011

…I was up to my eyeballs in FASD.

Mid-week we had to change Hope’s ADHD medication. We could not adjust the dose low enough to maintain the daytime gains while avoiding the creeping insomnia. In the end, sleep won out. And God, being God, had already set a follow-up appointment for the morning she woke up for the day at 1:30 AM.

As with many ADHD meds, kids start off at a lower dose of her new med and move up as their body adjusts. But as I discovered three meds ago, we won’t be able to guess how this one is working until she’s had at least a few days at the higher dose we’re not taking yet.

On Day 1, Hope asked permission to take Daisy for a walk and for permission to take her back pack and for permission to carry a water bottle in case Daisy got thirsty. Hope received major praise for considering the dog and her needs, and for asking permission.

Then I saw what Hope had in mind and realized it wasn’t about Daisy, but rather, Hope’s need to control some living thing, which is a sure sign she isn’t having a great day and can feel it. But better the dog than a sister?!

So yesterday, on Friday September 9, 2011, FASD Awareness Day, we were on our second day of the baby dose (barely takes the edge off) when I realized that the timing of the girls’ much-awaited home school co-op picnic meant we would not even arrive until after the med had worn off.

Oh, my.

There were only two meltdowns getting out the door. (Anxiety about a new venture, co-op, did not help). Then after one short nap in the car, amazingly, the hour we stayed at the picnic I think she actually passed as “typical.”

If we polled families with FASD or ADHD, I think we’d find that we’re morning people :).  Our family rarely leaves the house between 4:00PM and bedtime for social engagements. And the fact that I had accepted this invitation without even thinking twice about the time of day, says something about the grace medication has been in our family’s life. I had, unfortunately, RSVPed,”Yes” on the old medication.

But there is grace in this, even if on FASD Awareness Day I was too overextended –mix in home school, therapy, an architect, an elevator contractor, and the red line-edited copy of my manuscript from my publisher! –to write about FASD. The grace is that every day living with FASD is God is Greater! Awareness Day. God pushed us into this pool called FASD, and when we hit bottom, He was standing right there, reaching out His hand to pull us out.

God does it every single time.

“In this world you will have trouble,” Jesus promised. “But take heart; I have overcome the world.”

(John 16:33)

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  1. September 10, 2011 8:51 pm

    Love this Carrie…EVERY day is God is Greater Awareness Day 🙂 Amen!

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