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The Last First Day

September 13, 2011

Last Monday 9/6 Mercy (2nd grade) and Hope (1st grade) started school.

Tuesday 9/7 Faith headed back to her former private school for 6th grade.

Today, 9/13 Joy went to preschool for the very first time!

She’s attending the same neighborhood elementary school I attended when I was her age. (I won’t tell you how long ago :).) She had a wonderful day with no separation anxiety–an answer to prayer and confirmation that we were wise in waiting a year to start school. Joy goes to school four mornings a week and the house is quiet without her chatter!

This is her new wheelchair. At 26 pounds she isn’t much to carry. But she is getting so tall that it is harder to balance her in our arms. So the chair arrived with perfect timing. It is so small it fits behind the back seat of our van for the time being. When we finish the renovations on the new house and have an elevator, we’ll get a van with a ramp and a locking box to secure her chair in transit. Any day now, we’ll get authorization on the tie-down loops for her wheelchair which will also add taking the school bus as an option.

God really blessed us by giving us a new house within the same attendance area in our district so our upcoming move will not disrupt school for any of the girls.

But the new house also means that this was our last First Day of School in the Little Yellow House. Feeling nostalgic, I hunted up this: the night before our very first First Day of School. (The real First Day of School picture must be in the print box, taken with the old camera.) We were making chocolate chip cookie dough so Mercy (2), Hope (1) and I could bake cookies just before Faith came home from her first day of Kindergarten. Weren’t they little?!

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  1. Nancy permalink
    September 13, 2011 6:42 pm

    Carrie….Thank you for sharing the girls 1st day of school. I have been (especially) thinking about Joy today…..and I am so glad her day went well.

  2. Danyelle permalink
    September 16, 2011 3:49 pm

    Oh. my. goodness. They are sooo little and soooo crazy cute!

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