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Days of Wonder and Grace

September 26, 2011

These are days of wonder and grace at our house. Wonder that I ever though I could write a book with young children at home. Wonder at what God has produced under the circumstances. Wonder that this is the eighth full revision and I’m still not done editing yet. But close! And lots of grace evidenced in the fact that we are all still sane and liking each other even with extra load of a new-home buying imposed on top of the manuscript :). God is good!

I haven’t had time to write anything beyond clarifications in the manuscript. But I’ve kept my camera handy since real life keeps pulling me away from my desk. Here are  some of the highlights of thepast two weeks.

Hope is doing well without meds while we await our appointment with our new psychiatrist. We’re still holding on to the option of trying meds again. But for right now, we’re grateful that we’re at a level place in the road. She’s sleeping much better with just melatonin to help her fall asleep and a little incentive to go back to sleep without her daddy’s help at night (which she has long done  for me when he travels). Good sleep has always been one of her best medications so I will not take this season for granted while it lasts!

We’re also trying to be more conscious of her craving for repetitive sensory input through her hands. Cutting (with this child-safe knife), knitting, and painting are all calming for her and encourage her to sustain focus.

Hope and Mercy started home school co-op two weeks ago and love it! We were on the waiting list last year and it has been worth the wait. Here, Mercy and Hope enjoy the playground after their first day of co-op.

Now that we know we are staying in this area when we move, it has been great to begin to get to know better some local moms who both home school and love the Lord. It has also been fun to meet people from other churches using and loving the Children Desiring God curriculum. (I had no children, then only one child, back in that day.)

God has healed Joy of this round with PTSD and I’m trying hard to trust Him with future surgeries and the like. She’s in a physical and developmental spurt and it is so much fun to watch!

She loves her new wheelchair and can push herself short distances when we remove the arm rests so she can reach the wheels. She loves this bubble tube in the therapy department at Gillette, where we’ve gone twice in the past week: to fit her for a new adaptive car seat (she needs a seat with some recline but is now too-tall for off-the-shelf models); and to try out bath chairs since she has outgrown her inflatable bathtub.

This is the bath chair we ordered. It sits very low in the tub so she can be down IN the water, which she adores. It easily reclines flat for washing hair.

Joy is doing so well that we’ve added back in her second private physical therapy appointment each week, which you can see that she loves :). We’ve also added back in private occupational therapy.

This is Joy’s latest feat: she’s moved up the walking scale from her Pony gait trainer (which we still use at home) to this contraption called a Lite Gait, which works a lot like a reverse walker, but partially bears her weight. She’s just beginning to get the hang of using this on the floor instead of the treadmill.

But most fun of all is Joy’s leap in expressive language which is opening new windows for us into how she thinks.

Joy was thrilled to discover this “baby” while playing in Hope’s room today and immediately insisted that the baby needed a bottle. Faith helped her sit up so she could hold the doll. Joy put the bottle to the doll’s mouth and made sucking sounds for the baby. Later, she crawled back over to the doll and started talking to it. “My baby is cute. Baby go night-night in crib. Baby drink bottle. Night-night baby.”  She also made crying sounds to make the baby cry and “Shhh…Shhh…”ed the crying baby. In developmental-speak, that means she is doing appropriate role-playing and engaging in imaginary play :).

A few more days and the manuscript will be in the mail and we will move on to moving. God is good to permit us this sweet interlude in what otherwise might be a frantic season in our family’s life.

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