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To Tell the Truth

October 12, 2011

Next Tuesday we’re moving in to the new house. Faith has no school next week so I arranged for the girls and Daisy to have a sleepover at Nana’s Monday night to simplify getting the remaining furniture out of the house without children underfoot.

Last night, it became clear that while Mercy was willing to go along with the sleepover idea, it was making her quite anxious, coming on the heels of my being gone in California for four days. So we decided that Mercy will have a sleepover at our house with me.

I just announced the change in plans to Hope, who said, “But I need Mercy there to tell the truth!”

“To tell the truth?” I asked.

“You know!” Hope said. “When something happens, Faith always makes everything my fault and makes herself the innocent one! Mercy tells the truth!”

“What’s the truth?” I asked.

“The truth is it is only my fault half of the time!”


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