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October 15, 2011

Here are a few photos for the girls from my first full day in Oakland.

The view from my hotel room window.

Downtown Oakland is a mix of modern and beautiful old restored buildings. They only have about half of the old ones restored, but as least have saved some of the most beautiful ones, which date to the 1870s in the boom following the completion of the transcontinental railroad, which terminated at Oakland on th east side of San Francisco Bay.

About a mile after the last photo, I reached this place, Jack London Square. The arch in front of the palm trees is made out of bicycle tires and the Pacific Ocean is in the far background. There were many more things to photograph, but I did not want to have my camera out and advertise that I am a tourist. The bicycle arch makes some sense when you see how many people use them to commute. People take their bikes on the subway and public busses have a bike rack attached to the front.

This is an area closer to my hotel called City Center. Daddy visited this part of Oakland when he was here last week and told me I would like it. Especially the orange chicken at Panda Express. I ate some for you, Faith :).

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