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Ordinary Blessings

October 29, 2011

Between my trip to California and my temporarily Internet-less house, I’ve had lots of time to think about what I do with this blog. One thing I realized is that over time, as I’ve understood that most of  the comments, links and search-engine hits are content-driven (cerebral palsy and FASD posts, especially those linking disability and faith are popular; Korea travel posts are the runners-up), I have let this blog drift in that direction.

While I enjoy wrestling with those issues in writing, English is the second language of one of my original blog audiences: people we love and who love us in Korea. They continue to check in faithfully. But their patience must be tried by so many words and so few pictures of the girls they love. I have also not done a very good job satisfying their curiosity about growing up in America.

So I’m consciously going to be making more posts with them in mind. This is one of those posts: ordinary blessings in our day today.

This is Faith, posing with her new locks: a free perm from one of Joy’s former PCAs who is now attending a local beauty school because she wants to be able to pay her way through college instead of taking out loans to pay for tuition. Smart woman! And also gifted as a stylist. Thank you, K.!

Then there are horses. (Mercy is riding a horse, and Hope, a pony.) We have not been blessed with any –which I, for one, consider a blessing! But the girls love horses and we have been blessed with family friends who freely share when the girls want to ride. Or, in the case of an essay Katie just wrote on the joy of mucking out stalls, share the joy that comes from cleaning up after horses.

As long as, I suspect, one is not asked to muck out stalls daily. Then I think it would be as much fun as mucking out your own room :).

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