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Do This More Often

November 27, 2011

Twice over the long weekend, we’ve had the pleasure of hosting company over lunch. For our family, this works so much better than my traditional dinner parties that this post my sticky-note reminder: DO THIS MORE OFTEN.

Here are the virtues of brunch engagements:

  • I complete most of my to-do list the day before.
  • Cooking is therapeutic for me. Doing the major prep the night before lets cooking fall in the quiet part of my night after the kids are in bed, doubling the therapeutic value.
  • When guests arrive mid-morning there is almost no time for the kids to mess up the house.
  • When guests arrive mid-morning I do a lot less nagging about picking up.
  • When guests arrive mid-morning there is comparatively little time for the kids to get wound up with excitement.
  • Morning into early afternoon is, behaviorally, often the best part of my kids’ day.
  • After the guests go home I have a meaningful stretch of my day left in which to do something else.
  • I don’t spend an entire day getting ready then fall into bed exhausted.
  • Brunch generally has less complicated food prep than dinner.
  • Serving brunch has broadened my cooking repertoire beyond standard company dinners I’ve grown tired of.
  • Serving brunch means my kids see other people’s kids eating not-the-usual stand-by lunch foods  –strange foods that the other people’s kids actually seem to like.

(Maybe if I have guests over often enough, my kids will actually begin eating these foods.)

And to our guests: Thank you! You’ve been the bright-blessing highlights in our week.

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  1. mabiclark permalink
    November 27, 2011 11:55 pm

    I am a huge fan of brunch!! It is my favorite meal to eat, and for sure to cook!! We too have always enjoyed having people over for brunch, it does make sense!

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