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The Wheels on the Bus

November 29, 2011

Today Joy rode a school bus for the first time: home from school.

Her teachers have been talking-up the school bus since the first week of school. But Joy could not ride the bus without tie-down loops on her wheel chair, which were finally approved and installed just before Thanksgiving.

Joy has been so excited these past few days at the idea of riding the bus!

But you wouldn’t know it from the look on her face when she arrived home today. The look on her face was a cross between blank and puzzled.

“She was pretty quiet on the ride,” the driver said. “She just looked around.”

When we got in the house, Joy popped back to her animated self.  She wasn’t traumatized at all by her first bus ride. Just stumped.

But I bet the driver on the bus did not say “Tickets, please,” or, “Move on back.” The day was sunny so the wipers on the bus didn’t go, “Swish, swish, swish.” Sitting on top of the wheels, she could not see them go round and round.

I wonder if she was thinking, “What kind of bus is this?!”

I think Joy was underwhelmed :).

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