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All Quiet on the Homefront

February 10, 2012

Hope’s self-portrait in torn paper: “I wit skating on the pond.”

Yesterday I had my first formal conference with Hope’s teachers (home room and reading specialist) and am happy to report she is doing very well in public school. Her home room teacher took advantage of a mid-year desk shuffle to move Hope from the back row to the front row, which she reports helps Hope stay focused. Her teachers love her and said she fits in beautifully.

Mercy has already finished 1.5 years of schoolwork since September and we’re both enjoying the stillness of the daytime hours when Faith, Hope and Joy are at school. She finishes her assigned schoolwork in about an hour and then just follows her nose.

This week her fascination is engineering a marble run –with a bit of masking tape for security against Daisy (the dog) who loves to swipe marbles. Each day Mercy has figured out something new about the dynamics and added more pieces.

It is now 8 feet tall and still growing. At about the 6 foot mark, this afternoon we took time off to bake sugar cookies. Kids are supposed to come home from school to cookies warm out of the oven, right?

Who switched my life?!

I’m going to enjoy this as long as God allows it to last.

According to my watch, that’s about 3 more minutes.

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