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Checking In

March 21, 2012

I have 23 minutes. Sorry it has been so quiet over here! My writing time has been sucked up by lessons plans, grant proposals and reports.

As Faith put it, “Mom,  you are really good at having jobs for a person without a job.” 🙂

She would know since she is in one of the two classes of sixth graders who are the audience for my history lessons at her private school. At the moment we’re trying to understand what it was like to be a Dakota living on a reservation in Minnesota on the eve of the Dakota War of 1862. There’s a completely different dynamic teaching to two classes of twenty pre-teens than teaching my girls: forty ways of thinking, not three. These kids are as well behaved, respectful and engaged as my adult audiences. But they ask much better questions because they have no sense of the politically correct.

Two good grant proposals, it seems, lead to others! I am honored to live in a state where taxpayers think enough of cultural arts  including history to constitutionally set aside tax money for Legacy Grant funding. I promise that it in the hours that seem quiet here, I have been working to honor your investment in projects of  “enduring historical value to the state”  according to the awards letter.

As for the reports, well, Mercy’s favorite joke recently goes like this:

Q: “What do you do when you’re having too much fun?”

A: “Go to a bored meeting!”

Board meetings, grants, reports. They all go together. So here are some reports:

Faith: Has not yet been embarrassed by her mother yet at school and is feeling grateful for that. I’m feeling grateful for the chance to meet more of her friends, to really see where our tuition money is going, and for the confirmation that it is well-spent.

Mercy: Has decided to learn division, never-mind grade level. I love watching her learn. She’s really hit her stride as a fluent reader and gets totally lost in books, which I understand :). I am grateful for the years we have had learning at home together and will miss her in the fall when she follows Hope and Joy to our neighborhood elementary.

Hope: Is doing great in public school. I’ve been going in to read books aloud to her class and love watching her interact with her teacher and her friends in the moments before anyone notices I’m there. So many friends are struggling with public school for their special-needs kids that I am acutely grateful for this season of grace in our family.

Joy: Tomorrow she and Amy turn five and I will give them a post of their own :).

My husband: Enjoying his planned break from work and valiantly subduing the rooms painted goldenrod-copy-paper- orange by the previous owner. They are lovely primer white which makes me feel so serene I may not run right out and buy the appointed new colors.

Two bathrooms down, one bedroom and one dining room wall left to go. What were they thinking??

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