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Wise Words from a Mentor Mom

April 30, 2012

I am so blessed to be parenting a child with FASD  in the Internet age. Via the web I am connected to moms who are ahead of me on this journey –moms whose kids are older than mine. Prenatal exposure to alcohol affects kids differently and I have yet to find a mom whose exposed child is a clone to mine. But the big-picture issues we deal with are the same.

I “met” Claudia via Kari’s (now private) blog and commend her thoughts to you regardless of the cause of your child’s challenging behavior. Like it takes a mom who has been there to recognize the stages of grief parents of hurt kids go through and to advise: “Determine which things make your home unbearable and then change the definition of unbearable” (in What to do when you can’t MAKE them do anything).

If you’ve been there, you know this is true. If you haven’t been there yet, keep trusting God to build your family through adoption and you will be :).


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