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While I’ve Been Doing My Bit

May 21, 2012

While I’ve been doing my bit for May –Museums Month in Minnesota –a story you can see for yourself in June 🙂 –we’ve hit some milestones.

Mercy finished second grade in home school and was thrilled to register for our local elementary school in the fall.

Summer arrived. It was 92 a few days ago, which we decided was pool weather, even if it is only May.

Joy got a summer hair cut.

We finally removed the remaining two of our quadruplet box elder trees from the top of the barn wall before they blew down in a strong wind like their two sibs did.

The stumps have about the same impact as a rock in the garden, which is nice because we can’t get a stump grinder up there to take them out.

Now we have to jack hammer out parts of these slabs of concrete and replant this corner. I think maybe these slabs mark the old entrance to the main level of the barn. Or perhaps they are the remnants of a small cement-floored building attached to the barn?

All we have left to guess from is the remaining portion of the rubble stone foundation. The cement slabs are at the top of the ladder (which is not original), about five feet above the ground level. That makes me guess there are another three feet of massive stones below the current grade.

And we’re getting closer to finalizing the blueprints for the addition that will house Joy’s elevator. (Don’t spend much time trying to decipher this photo because we’ve rearranged some things upstairs since it was drawn.) The really cool thing is that we only have to break  new ground for the elevator shaft, a patch about six feet by six feet. The rest of the new space is coming from raising our current mud room up to the second story and reclaiming currently unused space inside the garage. We don’t need a garage with a cathedral ceiling; we’re going to start living inside the ceiling instead :).

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