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We’ve Never Wanted This, But Have Always Wanted More of God

May 22, 2012

Jason and Cara Meyer and the children God had given them

Sunday evening, our church voted to call Jason Meyer as our lead pastor to eventually replace John Piper (who is retiring from our pulpit) as Pastor for Preaching and Vision–by an amazing 99% positive vote with almost 800 members voting.

Pastor Jason’s call, in the end, was very clearly a “God thing.” But it didn’t start out feeling that way to the Meyers.

It started out, as Cara Meyer describes it, with her husband weeping in their kitchen faced with the reality that God was calling his family to do something they were not seeking and never imagined they’d be doing.

Isn’t that a perfect picture of being gifted with children with special needs? I think God wants to use Cara’s words to bless you, too.  She writes:

“The pivotal point for our family in this decision-making process was when the realization came that the Lord was standing on this path of Bethlehem Baptist Church. Answering the call to Bethlehem would mean more of the Lord’s presence for our family. The path was not one that we initially wanted. One day Jason stood in the kitchen and started weeping. He said, Lord, you know that I do not want this, but you seem to be leading this way. Why? It seemed as though the Lord said, “but what if you would have more of me in all of this?” It was the answer we needed and it became the watershed moment. It was like Jericho where all of our defensive walls fell down. We were able to say, “We have never wanted this (Pastoring Bethlehem), but we have always wanted that (more of God).”

Everything changed after that point. Suddenly, the path that we were on (which we loved), was now the one that seemed scarier to stay on because the Lord was moving to another. Don’t get me wrong, this path scares me. However, if this path that seems scary and big brings me closer to God, then it is the path for me. I love that this path is a path where all of our brothers and sisters at Bethlehem will walk with us. I love that we can experience and know Christ in a deeper and more meaningful way together. If this is how God chooses to bring fame to his name, then we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God. For our children, this truth has been the one thing that has helped them to be joyful in God’s call for our family. In the end, they want to be closer to Christ too.”

The entire text of Cara’s letter was posted on the Bethlehem Updates Blog today, May 21, 2012.

Thank you, Cara, for pointing us to our God who does all things well.

And thank you, God, for working your will, not our own, in all things. Our lives are yours. Our children are yours. Our families are yours. The Church is yours. This world is yours. Eternity is yours. For now we see in a mirror dimly. But soon, face to face. Amen.

Photo credit: Bethlehem Baptist Church

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  1. May 22, 2012 1:43 pm

    Exactly right on all counts….adding my amen.

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