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Meet “Cora’s Coming Home”

June 29, 2012

I think everyone who blogs must have the same problem: with so many great bloggers, how do you decide who to include in your blogroll?

Early this year I decided I would follow bloggers who APTAT –an acronym most of you have probably never heard of, but is significant to me –because overt dependence on God in raising children with disabilities is counter-cultural. And I, for one, need all the encouragement I can get!

I have been praying for a family for Cora for a long time and can’t tell you how happy I was when God called a woman I already knew (on-line) to be her mom :). I’ve read her blog ever since and have been encouraged.

Cora is very newly home and her family did a great job getting ready for everything identified in her referral.  This week, Cora’s family learned that she has an unexpected chronic condition that will change the future they prepared for. But when you read her mom’s heart the day they heard the news, you will catch a glimpse of why God picked her to be Cora’s mom, and why I just had to add her blog, Cora’s Coming Home, to my sidebar.


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