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Summer Flies

July 29, 2012

Busyness dominated our life this week.

Mercy and Hope went to soccer camp and had a great week, despite the commute (3 hours every day in round trips), and despite the last day which brought three phone calls from the Camp Mom: two for Mercy who was stung on the lip by a wasp, and the third, when Hope blocked a ball with her face.

We continue to commute because the girls love seeing their friends from church. But this is one reason we are settling into a new church closer to home.Now that we have three old enough to want to spend time with their church friends, it is hard to live so far away from our church. God has blessed us with a church family five minutes from our house, a daughter church of our long-time congregation.

In between, I worked on a Dakota War presentation I made two hours south of here Thursday night.

I don’t enjoy the busyness of public speaking. An event may go by in 90 minutes for an audience. But it takes 10-30 hours in prep time for me. On the shorter end if I can mostly re-use a previous presentation; longer if I need to substantially rework something for a specific audience. That doesn’t even consider writing a new presentation from scratch, which I’m not doing until September because I simply don’t have time.

But I love that I’ve been placed in a position to be able to use my gifts, in the epigram I chose in dedicating the book to my girls, to: “Learn wisdom from the past and lay broad the platform of Justice, Morality and Truth.” It is no accident Mary Butler Renville capitalized them in her 1863 text. Read into that what you will :).

The third level of busyness is related: I have the pleasure –really, despite the work –of being managing editor on a history book being released in 2013. This week I finally sent it into production!

Just in time, too, because I leave mid-week on a research trip trying to document some of the stories about how the people who would become missionaries to the Dakota in Minnesota cut their social-reform teeth as abolitionists working on the Underground Railroad in Ohio.

Since there is no re-creating quality for me in a “family” vacation in this season of our lives, my husband and  I have decided that I need to ‘vacation’ alone once in a while for respite. I’m not really going alone, but with a long-time road trip research friend.  After a few days of archival research on the way out, we’ll meet up with other scholars and descendants of the missionary families for a weekend of seeing the places where the story unfolded: the houses and barns and caves and taverns that sheltered people who fled from slavery in Kentucky over the Ohio River around Ripley, Ohio.

I don’t know how much time I’ll have left at the end of the day to blog, but have promised the girls pictures every day of the trip. So there will be something to follow if you need to mentally escape the summer flying by on your home front :).

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