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Five Years Ago

April 22, 2013

Five years ago, Dorothy and I traveled to Korea to bring home Joy. “The Daddys,” as our husbands were dubbed that trip, agreed the kids in both families would be saner with a parent at home. And God knew that Dorothy and I could use a vacation :). I think it was the last time either one of us got so thoroughly away for some R & R.

The girls and I have so enjoyed looking through the hundreds of pictures Dorothy and I took that trip that I want to post some in honor of Joy’s coming home day, five years ago.

1st meeting pictures with Malaki 027-001

Our first meeting


This photo of Joy looking at Dorothy reminds me of the P.D. James story where the little bird asks everything he sees, “Are you my mother?” 

1st meeting pictures with Malaki 084

This is not Joy, but her twin sister Amy, who we traveled across the country to meet.


Amy was a tinier version of tiny Joy. (Joy was 12 pounds at 13 months, when we brought her home.)  Joy and Amy were reunited for the first time (since their birth at 26 weeks gestation) when they were three.  (Here and here.)


Faith, Mercy, and Hope can’t believe how young  they were (8, 4 & 3) when Joy came home.


My girls’ ‘”cousins,” Auntie Dorothy’s children, were not only younger, but two fewer five years ago :).


The girls are requesting a follow-up post with some of those quintessential Korea pictures that remind them of our family trip to Korea two years ago. The sunshine and spring flowers in Korea that trip are an antidote to the two inches of new, fall snow outside my window on April 22 –predicted to be a total of 6 inches by the time you read this :). So I’ll let them pick those pictures and post them next.

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