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Spring Came

June 9, 2013


Are you tired of looking at the snow in my last post? Me, too. Spring came.

Here’s more evidence.


Joy graduated from preschool :).


Mercy and Hope said goodbye to third-, and second- grade homework.


Faith, who is now taller than me, took up volleyball.


And today, the girls caught the first sunnies of the season.

Notice the absence of sun? I heard that out of the past 95 days, the sun shone on 15. Ever adaptable, Joy is favoring, “Rain Rain, Go Away,” “Five Little Ducks,” and Jane Yolen’s Dimity Duck.

I’m still trying to wrap my brain around the reality that school is out. With it, I’m trying to hold lightly to the idea that I’ll make much progress on the book I’ve been researching. But maybe that will be to my advantage here. I have a backlog of posts waiting to be finished –a few of which are timeless and may survive the trash button.

My first book was just nominated for the top prize in western women’s history. I am an independent historian –an outsider to academia –so I think the chances of winning are as slim as the profile of a single sheet of manuscript. But it has prompted a new round of: How do you do it? What people mean is, How do you have a young family and write, too?

I’m not quite sure what they think about authors. But I know very few who are so successful that they get up and walk to their studio every morning and finish writing a book or two a year. Most have day jobs and write in the interstices.

Just to say: if I’m not writing here, it is for a good reason; I’m writing somewhere else.  I still have a day job :).

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