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August 23, 2013

Let’s just call this a therapeutic summer for us: 19 visits to 7 doctors, 3 day surgeries, and 78 therapy sessions. No wonder we needed a vacation :).

Joy in none of these pictures so they didn’t make the cut for my previous post. But they are some of my favorites. So indulge me in the middle of my fifth load of laundry, with three suitcases behind me and one to go, as I rest my drive-weary feet and unpack the memory chip from my camera.


Fate, 13, unwinds.


Mercy and Hope, at 9 & 8, still love to help, especially if the work is novel, like putting up the boat.

DSCN5251They have not lost the capacity to find hilarity in the ridiculous, like how buckles on life jackets work.


Nor have they learned it is unwise to name dinner. In this case, “Fredalicious.” Later, they could not stomach tasting whether Fred lived up to his name.

DSCN5341And although they still have a unique ability to drive each other crazy, they can be best friends.


God’s benediction on the day.

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